Utlimate Marijuana Grow Guide

Growing Elite Marijuana – The Complete Guide

by Ryan Riley

a.k.a. How to turn $50 worth of marijuana seeds into $50,000 pounds of sticky, dank, awesome weed!

a.k.a. How to stop wasting good money on mediocre weed and have a constant supply of top-quality toke for next to nothing.

a.k.a. How to stop being a marijuana growing wannabe to a marijuana growing god!

Bottom line: if you want to be a professional grower and cultivate top-grade mind-blowing marijuana this guide will show you how.

Th complete Growing Elite Marijuana Guide is a total package that includes bonus guides such as:

  • ¬†Growing Elite Marijuana “bible” (753 pages)
  • Ultimate Strain Guide (209 pages)
  • Marijuana Security Blackbook (34 pages)
  • Cannabis Care Manual (125 pages)
  • The Stoner’s Cookbook (64 pages)
  • Deadly marijuana Growing Mistakes (14 min. audio file)
  • Marijuana Growing Quick-Start Guide (44 min. audio file)
  • Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices (99 pages)
  • Ganja Etiquette (12 pages)
  • Growing Elite Marijuana Club membership
  • Complete satisfaction or money-back guarantee!

The Grow Elite marijuana Guide is “The Bible” of cannabis cultivation. Whether you are a complete novice of a long time grower you will find this guide indispensable.

For the newbies it covers all the basics from selecting and germinating your seeds the right way right to how to harvest and cure your bounty.

Professional growers brush up on all the latest cutting-edge techniques such as cloning, hydroponics, selective breeding , stressing, etc.

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  • mike

    how much molasses for big buds

  • Greenthumb

    Dieter, search up ‘flir detection weed’ on YouTube but in a nutshell all you have to worry about is police detecting infrared heat being pumped out of the house and to combat that don’t pump the smell out of you window instead spread the heat throughout the house to let the natural heat of the house cool it down, and smell? Use a carbon filter or 2 in the same room best done with 2 big tents that will fit 2 filters and the filters will cover up the smell, or alternatively, go to growweedeasy.com and start from the beginning tells you all you need to know best free source out there

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