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There are three CRUCIAL elements to selecting the right seed supplier – Seed selection, breed & quality, a fair price, and security & discretion.

best marijuana seeds
In all my (and my student’s) years of experience, we have learned who the finest supplier of seeds are in the world.

Many modern seedbanks contain one element, missing the others.

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Ryan Rilet marijuana grow book free download

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Growing Elite Cannabis Book – Reviews and Free Download

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Growing Elite Cannabis book user reviews:

Here’s what the early birds had to say about the Growing Elite Cannabis book (aka Growing Elite Marijuana)

If you want to know anything and everything about growing your own potent bud, this is your book. Seriously, this guy goes in depth to explain things without making it overly complicated. download this book.

-J., Denver, CO

“All I can say is wow! I am truly impressed with this guide. My first grow was amazing. So much yield! 🙂 The quick service and the funny emails was awesome. I definitely will be ordering more from your website in the future. Keep up the great work!”

-Kate L., Fort Worth, Texas

 Ryan, in all my years of growing marijuana I have never come across a guide that is more complete, easy-to-read, and full of useful tips for getting the most out of your bud. My friends still can’t believe how big these nugs are, and neither can we!!! With your techniques the buds grow quicker than lightning and have a fruity taste. The high is pure bliss.

-Dan, “The Cannabis Coach” CA

” Ryan I am definitely buying your full guide… I have used just some of your tips and cannot begin to describe how great my harvest was last time.

-Tyler S, ” GA, U.SA

 This is The Bible for all wanna-be cannabis growers out there. Do yourself a favour and get on board the do it yourself growing revolution that is erupting with this book. No need to waste your time or money on failed crops… Ryan will show you the way to grow quickly.

-S.T., India

” I’ve been growing my own marijuana for about 12 years now and this book has allowed me to make fine-tunings that has made a dramatic effect on the quality of weed I’m now producing. A great resource for anyone out there… beginner or seasoned professional.

-J.A., Rotterdam, Netherlands

” Incredible e-book. This is by far, the most complete guide ever written about Marijuana cultivation. The e-book is easy to read and well organized. I own almost every marijuana cultivation book ever made but this is
by far the best I have ever seen.

-B.G., Austin, TX

” Hi, Ryan,
I’ve also noticed that after I bought your package that my harvest was so much better that my friends couldn’t keep their hands off of it so I had to do it over again just to keep some for myself.

You are great, and keep up informing people on your amazing grow techniques!

Thank you again.
-Paul, CA.

” This is a f*cking awesome book.

-Roy G., Redmond, CA

 So much good stuff in here. Great for beginners if you plan on really getting in to it. Ryan is a passionate genius.

-N.M., Santa Barbara, CA

growing elite cannabis book” OMG!!!!! Three words: BIG. DANK. BUDS. These buds are so gorgeous! I’m by no means a ‘newbie’ but let’s just say I haven’t exactly had a ‘green thumb’ in the past. I still can’t believe how fast they are growing. This is the first time in my life I’ve been able to enjoy my own home-grown supply of rare cannabis. My friends keep commenting how they’ve never seen nugs so BIG & STICKY. Ryan I tried out the raspberry strain like you said and OMG WOW these buds are spectacular! But you probably already knew that!! ;D Your guide makes this experience magical.

You’ve made it all SO EASY! Thanks to you Ryan! 🙂

-Lisa M., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

” Growing Elite Cannabis is a great book, lots of pictures easy to understand, every question you might have is answered in this book. Don’t grow without it!

-F.H., Germany

 My daughter heard from some friends about this e-book to learn how to grow medical marijuana to treat people with ailments who are suffering chronic pain. We have been using it endlessly. The guide has helped her and I can’t recommended it enough for anyone who wants to grow amazing marijuana for themselves.

-Evan T., Manchester, UK

 Hello Ryan!

Just yesterday I’ve completed my first crop since buying your extensive guide. And I’ve honestly never smoked anything so flavourful in my entire life, and the high was great, and my friends agree!

Without your guide, it literally wouldn’t have turned out this great. As in your guide, I did keep one of the females in a vegetative state to prevent it from flowering, so I could clone it if the crop came out good… which it did!

All of my friends are offering me money just to try their hand at growing with some clones from said mother plant.

All in all, thank you so much!

-W.L., Oahu, USA

Buying your e-book was the best move a grower could make. I haven’t put it down yet. Awesome book man!!”

-Sean J., New Jersey

 This eBook is wonderful. Not only is it concise, it explains the reasons for steps, and multiple warnings for avoiding various conditions. All in a very easy to read and easily understood format. Written with a real Love for the Plant and the Subject. It covers all aspects and gives really good tips and hints. This book was by far the easiest to get into and understand what I was getting myself into. Its really like a “Dummies” book, but it contains more than you’ll ever need.

-D.W., from Edmonton Canada

” If you are even thinking about growing some marijuana get the Growing Elite Cannabis book!!

-J.C., Boulder, CO

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Growing Elite Cannabis pdf

How To Afford Mary Jane with the Growing Elite Cannabis pdf

Do you think you can afford to grow the world’s finest cannabis?

(Don’t end up desperate like this poor guy.)

People often approach me saying that they want to grow their own marijuana but they don’t think they can afford to. This kills me because if done right, growing weed will actually save you money in the long-term!!

The less experience you have growing, the more money you will spend trying to do it. I guarantee that if you skim over this text and simply walk into a grow store, expecting the clerk to have all of the answers for you, you will lose money and have nothing to show for it. Reading my grow guide can save you thousands of dollars!!

The tips I offer in the growing elite cannabis pdf make the difference between being able to afford growing your own marijuana and you not being able to afford it at all.

Do I Really Need Expensive Equipment?

I’ll be real with you, there’s a lot of needless grow equipment for sale out there. In fact, a lot of “popular” grow products, in my own experience, can actually harm your crop and affect yield/potency/taste. Still, grow shops will push these products on you – they will tell you that you really need to buy them.

A prime example, a mylar reflective hoods that is placed on top of grow-light rigs—a certain brand is rather pricey and will harm and dry out your bud yet most grow shops carry this product and highly recommend it. They can be pretty convincing, they’ve even tried getting me to recommend this bullshit to my students (which I refuse to ever do — I will only recommend what’s best to my growing cronies, fans and followers.)

Making things even more complicated, a lot of hydroponics stores will tell you that they don’t discuss “marijuana”—even though they are selling things specific to growing it. They will reference tomatoes or cucumbers instead, which are nice and all but they burn nothing like weed. 😉

Can I Lower My Energy Bill?

Time and time again I meet fellow growers who are paying heavy for electricity. No matter how many times it happens, my jaw never stops dropping when I hear what people are actually paying in electricity to grow their own weed.

Even closet grows can blow me away with the growing elite cannabis pdf

Of course, upon meeting these individuals, I change the future of their electric habits… saving them incredible amounts of money. I have dedicated a good portion of my book to electric issues because it’s where too many growers mess up. Not only is electricity pricey, it can flag unnecessary alarms if you have a landlord.

How Do You Get Free Clones?

Rare seeds are not cheap and neither are sought-after clones.

How would you like a constant supply of unheard of female plants—what about for free? If you allow me to guide you through the cloning process than your dream can be your reality. Did you know that plants generated from a single clone could last over a decade, sometimes longer?

That’s pounds and pounds of bud harvest derived from your very own tree!! Some people think you have to be a scientist or something to clone but if you follow my simple instructions, it’s easy as smooth and easy as taking down an iced bong-load.

Speaking of bongs, enjoy as many bowls as you like once you are growing unlimited supplies of dank bud. Learn more about/ affordable growing with my Complete Marijuana Grow Guide.

Until next time.

Stay Green, and happy holidays everyone!


Growing Elite Marijuana discount code

Growing Elite Marijuana discount code and Happy Halloween recipe!

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I want you to get super baked this Halloween—experience a body high like no other with my fail-proof “Monster Jane” chocolate bars. Get ready for the surprise of your life!

As I’ve explained in another newsletter, you can make your own cannabutter for free!!! All you have to do is collect the marijuana stems and leaves often mistaken as trash. Use this cannabutter to make easy, cheap, and super dank chocolate bars!!!!

Make Your Own Monster Jane

The most important thing when baking eadibles is to keep it simple. To get started, you only need four things:

-Candy Corns


-Chocolate Chips (milk or dark)

-Wax Paper

Fail- Proof Instructions:

1. Take an entire bag of baking chocolate chips. Melt in a saucepan at a low heat.

When the chocolate starts to melt, add your cannabutter. Use as much or as little as you’d like. Just make sure there is a lot more chocolate than there is cannabutter– you don’t want a soupy mess.

Stir well and then pour mixture over wax paper.

Use a knife or spoon to smooth the chocolate into any shape you wish. Get creative– decorate with candy corns! Make sure to press the candy corns into the warm and gooey chocolate for the perfect crunch.

Put in refrigerator or freezer for 2 hours.

That’s it, seriously—you don’t even need to turn on an oven!! Delight your tastebuds and get super high with these fun halloween-themed treats!! As a Happy Halloween from me, use the discount code “SPOOKY10” at checkout so that you, too, can now afford to start growing your own marijuana with my Ultimate Grow Guide. I guarantee to have you growing so much dank weed, these choco-bars will be stacking up in your fridge!
Have a fun and safe holdiay everyone!

Your cannabis brother,


The Growing Elite Marijuana discount code is STICKY420

Get $10 off list price.

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Growing Elite Marijuana – Introduction – free download pdf

Growing Elite Marijuana ebook free download below

Growing Elite Marijuana – Introduction

growing elite marijuana ebook free downloadWelcome. I’m so stoked for you! You now have access to the sum total of over 18 plus years of intense research and practice involving attempts at figuring out the most effective way to cultivate the best cannabis on Earth.

I have taught, learned from, and helped many medicinal marijuana growers discover the absolute best way biologically possible to grow the most elite, top-caliber sparkling THC rich potent sticky dank buds as fast as possible – And now I’m passing all of this incredible information on to you so that you, too, can grow your own incredible bud. In only a short time after finishing reading this book, you will be smoking a seemingly bottomless supply of some of the most sensational, best tasting, highly potent aromatic euphoric-inducing bud you
have ever experienced.
If you are an absolute beginner, then I suggest you use this guide as an A to Z complete walk-through encompassing virtually everything you need to know to learn how to grow some killer weed. No worries, I have specifically designed this book in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to follow along.

Feel free to grab a notebook and a pen, you’re going to learn a lot!! I hope you’re excited!!!
I want to congratulate you on taking this massive step for your own personal cannabis cultivation career.

You now have access to one of the most newest up- to-date detailed guides that will shave literally years off of your learning curve; in other words – you’re starting off on a very good foot.

If you apply half of the information I will be presenting to you here, I am confident you will be ecstatic with the results you will achieve with your treasured buds.

If you’re intermediate or advanced feel free to skip ahead to any chapter that you need to study up on and use the book as an encyclopaedia reference manual in order to suit your individual growing needs, as I’m certain you will learn a lot of really cool tricks, tips & other marijuana grower gems along the way!!!!
Over the last few years I’ve have seen a sharp increase in the cost of street cannabis, and a rapid decline in its already sketchy quality.

My father used to always say, “The greatest problem mankind faces today is the classic conflict between the artist and the producer. It’s a basic Tug-O-War between quality vs.distribution. Just look at movies, they’re literally developed on an assembly line nowadays.

Rushed processing. Cinemas are not an art form anymore, it’s a dirty business! Market value mass appeal butchers the authentic message the creators want to get across.” As you will soon discover, one of the greatest benefits to growing your own cannabis is the unbeatable quality of your very own grown herb.

Never again will you have to worry about dodgy sources or wasting cash on toxic, overpriced, impotent buds. The days of unknown bud (that may or may not be packed full with chemicals and other health hazards that disrupt the taste, potency, and aroma in order to increase profit) are over. Growing your own green means you get to ditch the dealer.
Marijuana growing is a lot of fun! The more you know, the more tricks you will invent by yourself to get the most out of your yields. Some of the best cannabis growers are very exotic with their grow methods.

A number of people have invented so many amazing methods to grow bigger and better cannabis plants. I sincerely hope with the help of this guide you will learn a lot of awesome
growing methods and strategies and hopefully develop some of your very own.

Word Of Caution: Don’t become discouraged if your first growing attempts are a total disaster. One of the cool things about this book is that I’m going to be outlining the most common growing mistakes.

I can’t promise you that you wont make errors, as you most likely will when first learning, but I have clearly described many of them here so you’ll have a game plan and know exactly what to avoid.

The chances of you messing up your precious plants will be greatly reduced by following this guide properly. No worries, you’re in good hands. This book is massive. It contains virtually everything you need to know to grow elite bud successfully.

At first glance you may become overwhelmed at all the wealth of information. Relax, I recommend you use this book like a walk-through.

It’s like my dad always used to say; “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time of course!”

Reference back to sections as your grow progresses, as needed. Feel free to skip ahead to research any particular section that interests you. If you are a first time grower just follow along, I’m going to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to grow your very own awesome bud supply.

So without further a due… let’s grow!
And remember, always keep it GREEN, LOVING and full of LIGHT.

Growing Elite Marijuana ebook free download sample

To get your Growing Elite Marijuana ebook free download sample simply leave your email in the box (upper right) so we know you are a real person, and not a robot, and we’ll send you the download link pronto.

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Growing Elite Marijuana Discount Code and Free Download

Growing Elite Marijuana Discount Code and Free Download offer 🙂


Below is a small extract from the Cannabis Care Manual as part of the Growing Elite Marijuana package. At the bottom of this extract is the Growing Elite Marijuana discount code for $10 off the list price.

If you’re still not sure about getting the entire package here and now remember the Growing Elite Marijuana free PDF download.

Avoiding Problems

As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is especially relevant when it comes to caring for cannabis. Expect the unexpected; there are many different problems that can attack your grow room., you must be ready!

Avoiding Pests

The best way to avoid pests is to keep your grow room very clean. Try to keep the floor clear of old leaf material, grow medium, dirt, etc.

Keep your pets out of your grow room! They can carry all sorts of germs and can often be the carriers for pests.

Always keep the grow room at optimal temperatures. Mites thrive in overly warm, moist environments. If you happen to have a mite infestation, keeping the temperature as low as possible, around 70°F(21.1°C), will also help slow a mite infestation if one should occur.

Avoiding Mold/Fungus/Plant Problems

Keep good air circulation in your grow room; always have air circulating around the plants and try to keep at least one outside source of intake or exhaust going. Use a carbon air filter whenever possible to filter mold and fungus from the air.

Keep the humidity between 40-80% in your grow room. In more humid climates a dehumidifier is strongly recommended.

Keeping the temperature down around 70°F(21.1°C) will help keep mold and fungus under control.

Avoiding Chemical Burn/Nutrient Lockout

Check pH levels of nutrient solution(or soil) on a daily basis. Never mix nutrients together by themselves; always mix nutrients in plenty of water.

Keep pots, reservoirs, and grow mediums clean.

Flush soil based plants with a full gallon of plan water at once a month.

Marijuana Plant Stresses

Plant stress causes stunted growth which means weak tiny buds. Stress in marijuana plants is caused by imbalances of the plant chemistry. Generally plant stress disrupts the normal chemical reactions happening within the plant and causes ethylene(the aging hormone) to start developing in the cells.

Plant’s typically don’t like any sudden shock to their systems. Any unusual event in the marijuana plant’s lifecycle will drastically alter its internal chemistry and result in retarded growth.

Some of the most common marijuana plant stress causes are: Nutrient Stress: Usually cased by too much, not enough, or an imbalance of the nutrients[fertilizers]. This can attract diseases or certain pests and disrupt root function.

Irregular Photoperiod: Irregular light cycles will change the hormonal balance in marijuana plants that are dependent upon the length of light and dark photoperiods to determine when to flower. Odd or infrequent lighting schedules stress plants.

Water Stress: There is a lack of water or too much water for the plant to absorb. Water stress in marijuana plants causes abscisic acid to build up and closes down the plant’s stomatas.

Mineral Stress: Caused by mineral imbalance in plant tissues, usually due to nutrient problems or by adding to re-circulating mixes. This causes plant growth to slow dramatically. By the time the results are visible, the problem is already well into the advanced stages. It usually takes the typical cannabis a week or so to recover from mineral stress.

pH Stress: The pH of the nutrient solution is changing all the time as the plant uses the minerals in the surrounding nutrients and as the water is transpired by the leaves & evaporates from the nutrient solution. Wildly fluctuating pH levels will reduce or even block the marijuana plants nutrient uptake resulting in deficiencies and severely hindered development.
Heat Stress: This damage looks a lot like nutrient burn, except it occurs only at the tops of the plants closest to the lamps. There’s only one cure for this; get the heat away from the plants asap, either by moving the lamps or moving the plants.

Aging Stress: As a plant gets older its nutrient uptake requires change. A tissue analysis will show the plant using totally different quantities of each nutrient as it ages. In highly supercharged garden systems, the nutrient fed to marijuana plants is different for each week of growth. Mature or aging marijuana plants need far less(as well as certain amounts of) nutrients, incorrectly providing the wrong amount of nutrients can severely stress
your plant.

Plant Damage: Any damage causes the plant to change its chemistry in order to now prioritize tissue repair instead of bud development.

Root Damage: Whether it be physical or chemical root damage, both cause the plant to divert its chemistry to keep the roots advancing and creating new root hairs to absorb food. Roots can’t actually rebuild themselves when damaged; they just seal off the damaged section and move around it. Ensuring optimum nutrient feeding and proper root handling are critical for a satisfactory grow.

Environmental Extremes / Plant Diseases: External stressors and disease can cause a plant to stress and age prematurely and cause slow, stunted growth.

The Growing Elite Marijuana discount code is STICKY420

Enter your email (top right of page) to get an instant Growing Elite Marijuana free download (the book but not the whole package, For that use the discount code when checking out 🙂 .

Use discount code: STICKY420 to get $10 off list price.

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Growing Elite marijuana book review

Growing Elite marijuana book review sample

Harvesting Your Buds

growing elite marijuana book reviewWelcome to the funniest part of growing marijuana, Harvesting! Harvesting is
the exciting part of the process when you get to reap your hard-earned
rewards. First and foremost, if being discreet is a problem and you have any
smell concerns I would like to warn you that Harvesting really really smells.
Harvesting will spread that potent marijuana odour into the air very quickly, so
be warned if smell is a major concern for you.

There is way more to harvesting marijuana plants than simply cutting them
down. Plants are cut down at the stems below the base(below the lower
leaves) with a sharp clean knife or hack saw.

With a small indoor or outdoor garden (less than 15 plants) it can take a few
hours to harvest, manicure, and hang the buds to dry. There’s really no way
around it as the plants must be manicured and hung to dry immediately after
they are cut down. This can be time consuming for sure.

Note: Make sure you set aside a steady 6 hours of time to work undisturbed
the first time you harvest a small garden. If it’s a large garden (more than 50
plants), make sure you leave yourself a full day to work.


Right before harvesting, the plants should be fed plain water only with
absolutely no nutrients (or fertilizer if you’re using soil). This is to remove any
fertilizer that has built up in the actual plants themselves, and the hydroponic
media or soil they were grown in. After the plants are harvested they must be
manicured and dried.

It’s important to know when the plants will be ready to harvest because prior
to harvesting you will need to remove the fertilizer (nutrients) contained in the
plants. The plants themselves and the hydroponic media or soil the plants
were grown in will store some of the nutrients that have been fed to them.
Marijuana plants need fertilizer so they can grow and mature to produce THC.
In order to remove the fertilizer from plants, you feed them plain water (with
no nutrients) for one or more feedings just before they are harvested. This is
called flushing.

Note: Tap water tends to have lots of chemicals (recent studies found traces
of antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones in
drinking water in the Southern California region), it is best to use
distilled/purified water or water treated with reverse osmosis for this purpose.
Don’t be concerned where the plants are getting their food as they will use up
the fertilizer they have stored in them (growth does not slow down). That is if
you do it correctly. If you do not flush the nutrients from the plants, the
resulting marijuana will taste bad and may be very hard to ignite.

If you have been growing the plant on organic nutrients then there is seldom
a need to clear the plant since it has not taken up any foul tasting chemical
nutrients. The extra N stored in the foliage will have been used up
(translocated for budding fuel) as part of the natural process of final budding.
When growing hydroponic marijuana, start clearing about 7 days before
harvest. This can by done easily by changing the solution and using only
distilled water or water treated with reverse osmosis (NO NUTRIENTS!).
Some growers even change the water two or more times before harvest
because there’s a chance the media may still hold nutrients after the first

With soil, same pure water rules apply above but instead of 7 days you need
to change the water 14 days before harvest. Avoid slow-release fertilizers
because they are hard to remove. If you have your heart set on using slow-
release fertilizer, not to worry just replace it with regular nutrients for the last

Oh and if you’re growing in soil here’s a trick to speed the drying process: you
can stop watering the plants 2 days prior to harvest.

WARNING: DO NOT stop the flow of water to hydroponic plants. If you
do they will WILT ad begin to DIE within a few minutes to a few
hours!!!!! Not cool dude.

This is an extract from How to Grow Elite Marijuana as part of the Growing Elite Marijuana book review

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