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Alkaline Water For Explosive Yields

Ever wonder how some growers can harvest POUNDS during their first grow and others only harvest in mere ounces? What’s their secret? Well, I’m about to let you in on it.

(Many commercial growers DON’T want you to know these things because it threatens their supply production!)

People always ask me how I get my buds so big, and I’m about to share with you one of my Top Secrets.

Growing Elite Marijuana book for sale- The Importance Of Water

One of the most crucial elements any budding marijuana plant needs is that of high quality, pure and alkaline water.

To understand the VAST importance water has on your buds, let’s take a look at the growing medium.

Inside any growing medium, there is a whole host of beneficial bacteria at any give time. These beneficial microbes produce nutrient rich fertilizer that the plant then uses as powerful nutrition to produce many different parts of the plant. Including, buds, flowers, stems, leaves, intracellular fluid — you name it!!!

When you water your buds with tap water, it contains vast amounts of chlorine [as well as many other chemicals], that not only DESTROYS these micro-organism colonies that leave your plants deficient in essential nutrition, but it also creates a very acidic environment for your precious buds! Not to mention the horrible artificial taste!!!

People always ask me how I get my buds so big and with and incredible deep, aromatic flavour we all have grown to love & enjoy. I tell them to start with the basics. Lots of light, a great temperature, and of course, WATER!!!!

Growing Elite Marijuana book for sale – Reverse Osmosis Blues   

So many veteran professionals will turn to Reverse Osmosis Water filtration. This is a great start, BUT, it comes with a caveat.

Reverse Osmosis is a multi-stage filter purification system that strips all the bullshit out your water supply, taking out up to 99.9% of fluoride, chlorine, and any other VOC’s as well as harmful sediments and whatnot.

Growing Elite Marijuana book for sale

The Problem

1. By stripping out the TRACE MINERALS, you are vastly reducing the enzymatic capabilities of your plant tissue. Without going into too much advanced into Botany here (Oh, college days..), I’ll just say this: certain metabolic processes inside the plant cells only activate when certain trace minerals are present, and ONLY then.

What this means is, if you’re zinc deficient in your grow medium, certain “building blocks” of healthy buds will be snoozing. They WONT go into producing incredible jaw-dropping nugs that are sticky & sweaty with crystals!

In Nature, whenever a plant is not getting what it needs, it enters into a reserved state of dormancy. Your plant will literally wait and wait and wait until it gets adequate amounts of crucial nutrients until it starts producing big, heavy buds for you!!!!! And some growers never supply their plants with the proper nutrition, right up until Harvest Time!!!!

2. The second reason Reverse Osmosis isn’t a complete solution (albeit 1-million times better than tap water) is because it filters the water, sure, but it does absolutely NOTHING for the pH balance of the water.

Municipal water tends to be highly acidic, and reverse osmosis alone WILL NOT buffer the pH and make your water alkaline. To do this from an RO system, I suggest you add on a special filter that re-adds trace minerals back into the water as well as alkalizing your solution.

Many of my students call me up FREAKING OUT at their growth rate yield increase after incorporating this one crucial tip.

Growing Elite Marijuana book for sale – Conclusion

So my fellow 420 lovers, I encourage you to use the highest quality, purest alkaline water that you possibly can.

Cannabis DOES NOT thrive in an overly acidic environment, whether your chosen grow medium is in Hydroponics or Soil.

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