Growing Elite Cannabis pdf

How To Afford Mary Jane with the Growing Elite Cannabis pdf

Do you think you can afford to grow the world’s finest cannabis?

(Don’t end up desperate like this poor guy.)

People often approach me saying that they want to grow their own marijuana but they don’t think they can afford to. This kills me because if done right, growing weed will actually save you money in the long-term!!

The less experience you have growing, the more money you will spend trying to do it. I guarantee that if you skim over this text and simply walk into a grow store, expecting the clerk to have all of the answers for you, you will lose money and have nothing to show for it. Reading my grow guide can save you thousands of dollars!!

The tips I offer in the growing elite cannabis pdf make the difference between being able to afford growing your own marijuana and you not being able to afford it at all.

Do I Really Need Expensive Equipment?

I’ll be real with you, there’s a lot of needless grow equipment for sale out there. In fact, a lot of “popular” grow products, in my own experience, can actually harm your crop and affect yield/potency/taste. Still, grow shops will push these products on you – they will tell you that you really need to buy them.

A prime example, a mylar reflective hoods that is placed on top of grow-light rigs—a certain brand is rather pricey and will harm and dry out your bud yet most grow shops carry this product and highly recommend it. They can be pretty convincing, they’ve even tried getting me to recommend this bullshit to my students (which I refuse to ever do — I will only recommend what’s best to my growing cronies, fans and followers.)

Making things even more complicated, a lot of hydroponics stores will tell you that they don’t discuss “marijuana”—even though they are selling things specific to growing it. They will reference tomatoes or cucumbers instead, which are nice and all but they burn nothing like weed. 😉

Can I Lower My Energy Bill?

Time and time again I meet fellow growers who are paying heavy for electricity. No matter how many times it happens, my jaw never stops dropping when I hear what people are actually paying in electricity to grow their own weed.

Even closet grows can blow me away with the growing elite cannabis pdf

Of course, upon meeting these individuals, I change the future of their electric habits… saving them incredible amounts of money. I have dedicated a good portion of my book to electric issues because it’s where too many growers mess up. Not only is electricity pricey, it can flag unnecessary alarms if you have a landlord.

How Do You Get Free Clones?

Rare seeds are not cheap and neither are sought-after clones.

How would you like a constant supply of unheard of female plants—what about for free? If you allow me to guide you through the cloning process than your dream can be your reality. Did you know that plants generated from a single clone could last over a decade, sometimes longer?

That’s pounds and pounds of bud harvest derived from your very own tree!! Some people think you have to be a scientist or something to clone but if you follow my simple instructions, it’s easy as smooth and easy as taking down an iced bong-load.

Speaking of bongs, enjoy as many bowls as you like once you are growing unlimited supplies of dank bud. Learn more about/ affordable growing with my Complete Marijuana Grow Guide.

Until next time.

Stay Green, and happy holidays everyone!


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