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Avoiding Problems

As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is especially relevant when it comes to caring for cannabis. Expect the unexpected; there are many different problems that can attack your grow room., you must be ready!

Avoiding Pests

The best way to avoid pests is to keep your grow room very clean. Try to keep the floor clear of old leaf material, grow medium, dirt, etc.

Keep your pets out of your grow room! They can carry all sorts of germs and can often be the carriers for pests.

Always keep the grow room at optimal temperatures. Mites thrive in overly warm, moist environments. If you happen to have a mite infestation, keeping the temperature as low as possible, around 70°F(21.1°C), will also help slow a mite infestation if one should occur.

Avoiding Mold/Fungus/Plant Problems

Keep good air circulation in your grow room; always have air circulating around the plants and try to keep at least one outside source of intake or exhaust going. Use a carbon air filter whenever possible to filter mold and fungus from the air.

Keep the humidity between 40-80% in your grow room. In more humid climates a dehumidifier is strongly recommended.

Keeping the temperature down around 70°F(21.1°C) will help keep mold and fungus under control.

Avoiding Chemical Burn/Nutrient Lockout

Check pH levels of nutrient solution(or soil) on a daily basis. Never mix nutrients together by themselves; always mix nutrients in plenty of water.

Keep pots, reservoirs, and grow mediums clean.

Flush soil based plants with a full gallon of plan water at once a month.

Marijuana Plant Stresses

Plant stress causes stunted growth which means weak tiny buds. Stress in marijuana plants is caused by imbalances of the plant chemistry. Generally plant stress disrupts the normal chemical reactions happening within the plant and causes ethylene(the aging hormone) to start developing in the cells.

Plant’s typically don’t like any sudden shock to their systems. Any unusual event in the marijuana plant’s lifecycle will drastically alter its internal chemistry and result in retarded growth.

Some of the most common marijuana plant stress causes are: Nutrient Stress: Usually cased by too much, not enough, or an imbalance of the nutrients[fertilizers]. This can attract diseases or certain pests and disrupt root function.

Irregular Photoperiod: Irregular light cycles will change the hormonal balance in marijuana plants that are dependent upon the length of light and dark photoperiods to determine when to flower. Odd or infrequent lighting schedules stress plants.

Water Stress: There is a lack of water or too much water for the plant to absorb. Water stress in marijuana plants causes abscisic acid to build up and closes down the plant’s stomatas.

Mineral Stress: Caused by mineral imbalance in plant tissues, usually due to nutrient problems or by adding to re-circulating mixes. This causes plant growth to slow dramatically. By the time the results are visible, the problem is already well into the advanced stages. It usually takes the typical cannabis a week or so to recover from mineral stress.

pH Stress: The pH of the nutrient solution is changing all the time as the plant uses the minerals in the surrounding nutrients and as the water is transpired by the leaves & evaporates from the nutrient solution. Wildly fluctuating pH levels will reduce or even block the marijuana plants nutrient uptake resulting in deficiencies and severely hindered development.
Heat Stress: This damage looks a lot like nutrient burn, except it occurs only at the tops of the plants closest to the lamps. There’s only one cure for this; get the heat away from the plants asap, either by moving the lamps or moving the plants.

Aging Stress: As a plant gets older its nutrient uptake requires change. A tissue analysis will show the plant using totally different quantities of each nutrient as it ages. In highly supercharged garden systems, the nutrient fed to marijuana plants is different for each week of growth. Mature or aging marijuana plants need far less(as well as certain amounts of) nutrients, incorrectly providing the wrong amount of nutrients can severely stress
your plant.

Plant Damage: Any damage causes the plant to change its chemistry in order to now prioritize tissue repair instead of bud development.

Root Damage: Whether it be physical or chemical root damage, both cause the plant to divert its chemistry to keep the roots advancing and creating new root hairs to absorb food. Roots can’t actually rebuild themselves when damaged; they just seal off the damaged section and move around it. Ensuring optimum nutrient feeding and proper root handling are critical for a satisfactory grow.

Environmental Extremes / Plant Diseases: External stressors and disease can cause a plant to stress and age prematurely and cause slow, stunted growth.

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