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Growing Elite Marijuana – Introduction

growing elite marijuana ebook free downloadWelcome. I’m so stoked for you! You now have access to the sum total of over 18 plus years of intense research and practice involving attempts at figuring out the most effective way to cultivate the best cannabis on Earth.

I have taught, learned from, and helped many medicinal marijuana growers discover the absolute best way biologically possible to grow the most elite, top-caliber sparkling THC rich potent sticky dank buds as fast as possible – And now I’m passing all of this incredible information on to you so that you, too, can grow your own incredible bud. In only a short time after finishing reading this book, you will be smoking a seemingly bottomless supply of some of the most sensational, best tasting, highly potent aromatic euphoric-inducing bud you
have ever experienced.
If you are an absolute beginner, then I suggest you use this guide as an A to Z complete walk-through encompassing virtually everything you need to know to learn how to grow some killer weed. No worries, I have specifically designed this book in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to follow along.

Feel free to grab a notebook and a pen, you’re going to learn a lot!! I hope you’re excited!!!
I want to congratulate you on taking this massive step for your own personal cannabis cultivation career.

You now have access to one of the most newest up- to-date detailed guides that will shave literally years off of your learning curve; in other words – you’re starting off on a very good foot.

If you apply half of the information I will be presenting to you here, I am confident you will be ecstatic with the results you will achieve with your treasured buds.

If you’re intermediate or advanced feel free to skip ahead to any chapter that you need to study up on and use the book as an encyclopaedia reference manual in order to suit your individual growing needs, as I’m certain you will learn a lot of really cool tricks, tips & other marijuana grower gems along the way!!!!
Over the last few years I’ve have seen a sharp increase in the cost of street cannabis, and a rapid decline in its already sketchy quality.

My father used to always say, “The greatest problem mankind faces today is the classic conflict between the artist and the producer. It’s a basic Tug-O-War between quality vs.distribution. Just look at movies, they’re literally developed on an assembly line nowadays.

Rushed processing. Cinemas are not an art form anymore, it’s a dirty business! Market value mass appeal butchers the authentic message the creators want to get across.” As you will soon discover, one of the greatest benefits to growing your own cannabis is the unbeatable quality of your very own grown herb.

Never again will you have to worry about dodgy sources or wasting cash on toxic, overpriced, impotent buds. The days of unknown bud (that may or may not be packed full with chemicals and other health hazards that disrupt the taste, potency, and aroma in order to increase profit) are over. Growing your own green means you get to ditch the dealer.
Marijuana growing is a lot of fun! The more you know, the more tricks you will invent by yourself to get the most out of your yields. Some of the best cannabis growers are very exotic with their grow methods.

A number of people have invented so many amazing methods to grow bigger and better cannabis plants. I sincerely hope with the help of this guide you will learn a lot of awesome
growing methods and strategies and hopefully develop some of your very own.

Word Of Caution: Don’t become discouraged if your first growing attempts are a total disaster. One of the cool things about this book is that I’m going to be outlining the most common growing mistakes.

I can’t promise you that you wont make errors, as you most likely will when first learning, but I have clearly described many of them here so you’ll have a game plan and know exactly what to avoid.

The chances of you messing up your precious plants will be greatly reduced by following this guide properly. No worries, you’re in good hands. This book is massive. It contains virtually everything you need to know to grow elite bud successfully.

At first glance you may become overwhelmed at all the wealth of information. Relax, I recommend you use this book like a walk-through.

It’s like my dad always used to say; “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time of course!”

Reference back to sections as your grow progresses, as needed. Feel free to skip ahead to research any particular section that interests you. If you are a first time grower just follow along, I’m going to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to grow your very own awesome bud supply.

So without further a due… let’s grow!
And remember, always keep it GREEN, LOVING and full of LIGHT.

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