Growing Elite Marijuana
The Ultimate Marijuana Growing Guide

GEM coverGrowing Elite Marijuana reveals the trade secrets into how to grow sticky, pungent, highly potent marijuana.

The most up-to-date techniques are included with straightforward step by step instructions.

Learn how to grow outdoors and  indoors. Learn how to clone, hydroponics, and advanced breeding.

Growing Elite Marijuana reveals how to become an expert in the field of cannabis cultivation.
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With the Growing Elite Marijuana package you now have all the information right at your fingertips.

 All instructions are delivered in a clear and straightforward manner so it doesn't matter if you've never      grown before or have been growing for years.

This complete guide leaves no stone unturned. What ever kind of marijuana you want to cultivate, be it medicinal, happy buzz, trippy, super stoner, giggly, creative, whatever, the Growing Elite Marijuana "bible" will show you how.

Find out which marijuana seeds will produce the quantity and quality you seek - and then follow the step by step guide from selecting the best seeds right up to advanced harvesting and curing techniques.

This comprehensive package is everything you need to becoming a Ninja grower!

It includes:
  •  Growing Elite Marijuana "bible" (753 pages)
  • Ultimate Strain Guide (209 pages)
  • Marijuana Security Blackbook (34 pages)
  • Cannabis Care Manual (125 pages)
  • The Stoner's Cookbook (64 pages)
  • Deadly marijuana Growing Mistakes (14 min. audio file)
  • Marijuana Growing Quick-Start Guide (44 min. audio file)
  • Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices (99 pages)
  • Ganja Etiquette (12 pages)
  • Growing Elite Marijuana Club membership
  • Complete satisfaction or money-back guarantee!

Become a master marijuana grower the easy way.
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